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How to get a better Work Life balance

This week is officially Work Life Balance week, so what better excuse to make some changes that will increase your wellbeing and enable you to start enjoying life more!

What do you want?

It’s easy to say ‘I want a better balance between work and home’ or ‘I’m really stressed at work’ but feel stuck about how or what to change.

  • Break it down and start by thinking about what is out of balance or causing you stress. Use my Checklist to do an audit to work out what needs to change. When you’re clear about what’s not working you can begin to identify solutions. For example, maybe you’ve realised you’re bringing work home with you and working in the evenings. This makes you tired and feel like you don’t have time to see friends, go to the gym or spend quality time with family. Firstly ask yourself – do I really need to bring work home or am I just doing it to make myself feel more on top of things? When you’re really clear about whether the pressure is internal or external you can then work out what to do. This could be a meeting with your manager to look at workload or agreeing with yourself to only bring work home one night a week (or not at all) in order to stay on top.
  • Define your own work life balance – it’s going to look different for everyone so work out what you want. Is it a change in hours or a reduction in days, is it simply taking a lunch hour or being able to leave on time. Again once you’re clear you can take action. If you want to work more flexibly – think carefully about how you can make a case for it. Read my blog on making a case for flexible working for some tips and structure. Consider making a contract with yourself to leave on time twice a week or take a lunch break everyday – be brave you could inspire others too.

What else can I change?

Well being  and balance isn’t just about working hours and there are many other ways to increase it if we take time to stop and think. Here’s some quick changes you could make:

  • Get more fresh air – suggest to a colleague that you have a walking meeting outside rather than sitting in a meeting room.
  • Drink more – staying hydrated can help you feel less tired plus getting up to refill your glass will help you move away from your desk regularly.
  • Eat more fruit – talk to colleagues about taking it in turns to bring and share fresh fruit – it’s a great chance to be sociable too by stopping for a fruit break!
  • Stretch more – do some chair yoga to give your neck and back some release

This week make some big and some small changes to your working life and see what difference it can make to your well being and your happiness at work. Let me know what works for you – drop me a line at [email protected]

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