Career Success Mastermind

Group Coaching Programme

A motivational programme for ambitious women who want to achieve their potential... fast!

You know you’re good at what you do but you just can’t seem to get to the next level in your career.

  • You know you want more
  • You know you’re worth more
  • But something’s getting in the way
  • Well, all that can change...

What If....

  • You knew exactly what you needed to do and had a step by step plan to make it happen
  • You knew this is exactly where you were meant to be and finally got the recognition you deserve
  • You felt confident and powerful in any situation
  • You stopped wishing for your career dream to actually happen, because is actually has
  • You felt 100% supported by a group of amazing women, who also want to get to the next level
  • Your career choice feels meaningful and enjoyable
  • It might not feel like it right now but all of this is possible….. and that is what my small and exclusive group programme can give you

How is this possible?

After all you’ve been trying to move forward in your career for months or possibly years. It can’t be that easy, can it? Maybe you’re thinking...
  • How will I know this will work?
  • What if I try again and fail?
  • What if I’m just not meant to achieve my career dream?
  • Maybe I should just stay where I am and be grateful I have a job?
  • What will my colleagues think about my ambition?
  • I’m so overwhelmed at work how can I be a leader?
  • I’m scared about taking the next step

The reality is...

...just because you haven’t broken through the glass ceiling yet, doesn’t mean you can’t.

And let’s face it going it alone, hoping for the best, accepting less than you want, waiting another year hasn’t worked out so far.

You want action, and you want transformation, and that’s why you’re here…


I’m Sarah Archer, I’m a Career Coach and founder of CareerTree coaching. I know that I can help you achieve what you want. I’ve been a senior manager, developed leadership programmes, recruited Directors and Chief Execs. And I’ve coached many women to be more successful in their careers, but on their terms, and their definition of success.

But I’ve also suffered from Imposter Syndrome and felt my confidence ebb and flow at different points in my career. I’ve felt lost and frustrated at times, and desperate to prove my worth and fulfil my potential. And I wish back then I’d had a coach and a support group to help me fast track my career success, challenge me to be my best and shape the success that was right for me.

Having left my corporate leadership career behind, I now successfully run my own business. And my passion is helping motivated professional women achieve career success through breaking down any blocks and barriers, and having a focused and tangible strategy to get what they want

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What people are saying about working with me...
We always see our worst selves. Our most vulnerable selves. We need someone else to get close enough to tell us we’re wrong. Someone we trust.
David Levithan, Author

The Career Success Mastermind

The Mastermind is an 8 week online group programme and tribe for motivated professional women who are ready to move to the next level in their career, but are feeling stuck, blocked or just unsure about how to make it happen.

Are You

  • Tired of feeling like you’re plateauing in your career
  • Fed up with feeling like you’re just not quite there yet
  • Sick of feeling that you just haven’t fulfilled your potential
  • Tired of feeling underpaid for what you do
  • Looking for support from a group of equally ambitious women who understand the frustrations you’re experiencing and want to make changes too
  • Ready to fast track your career in 8 weeks and finally make the breakthrough you deserve
  • Willing to invest in yourself and your future
  • Open to making changes to your approach and your mindset

If the answer is YES, then you’re ready…

How it works

This is an online group programme, so you can work through it at your pace and in the comfort of your own space. We’ll create a relaxed vibe that helps you get the most from the sessions.

It’s an 8 week programme to move you from stuck to action, and gives you a clear plan to achieve success

Once you enrol, you'll receive a Welcome Email with your pre-course materials (everything can be accessed online) to work through straight away.

You get weekly 90 minute coaching calls with me, every Thursday at 7.30pm (UK time) via Zoom. In the calls you’ll be able to see and talk to the other group members. We’ll work through the module and then you’ll have the opportunity to talk about your successes and challenges relating to that module, and get support and advice from me and the group. You’ll leave each session with actions to move you closer to your goal.

The calls will be recorded and will be available if you can’t make the live call.

We’ll have a private Slack or Facebook group too, where you can post questions or bounce around ideas to support each other on your journey to success. You can also post your successes too so we can celebrate them with you.

You can do anything as long as you have the passion, the drive, the focus, and the support.
Sabrina Bryan, Author
The Programme
  • Pre Start 1:1 call with me to get to know you and identify your goal for the programme so we can focus on the result you want
  • Week 1 Get clear about what you want for your career and why – define your version of success so you can make the right decision for you
  • Week 2 Identify what is holding you back in your career right now – unearth the blocks and barriers so we can tackle them
  • Week 3 Develop your career plan – what do you need to do to get the success you want so you’re clear about your next steps
  • Week 4 Develop your personal brand – discovering what is unique about you to start creating the right opportunities
  • Week 5 Get visible – developing your own PR plan so you can have impact and become known for what you do
  • Week 6 Boost your confidence – dealing with those mind set gremlins or imposter syndrome feelings so you feel resilient and powerful
  • Week 7 Get Ready - update your CV,write a killer cover letter, increase your impact at interview and feel confident negotiating for what you want
  • Week 8 Achieve the plan – how to stay motivated and focused so you can transform your career!
What you'll get

Career Transformation
Every week you’ll be challenged, inspired, encouraged to dig deeper until you get past the blocks and the fears to be the best you and accelerate your career success.

Effective tools and resources
You'll get video tutorials, resources and tools that will take your career planning to the next level.

Weekly Coaching Sessions
Get what you need to take weekly action through 90 minute coaching with me and the Group. The Group is intentionally small, no more than 8 women so you get personal attention when you need it.

A Success Tribe
You don’t have to do it alone. The other members of the group are just like you – ambitious and motivated. They want you to succeed too, and are full of ideas and contacts that can help you. You can chat to them at any time in the private group.

  • 1:1 final coaching session with me at the end of the programme to make sure you’re completely ready for the next exciting chapter of your career (worth £150)
  • LinkedIn profile review to increase your impact (worth £99)
  • Access to my online course 'The Confidence Plan: How to be more confident at work' (worth £75)

Next Programme Begins:

22nd June

Investment: :

Full Price: £940 Early Bird Price (expires Friday 19th June): £740 (or £185 per month x 4 months) Plus the bonuses = a total saving of £540

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Need help to decide if this is right for you? I’m happy to chat about how it works and see if it the best route for you.

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What If I can’t make the live session?
You will get most benefit from participating live but all the sessions will be recorded so you can listen again or pick up a session in your own time if you can’t make it live. Plus you will have the private group for extra support.

How much of a time commitment is it?
The live group sessions are 90 minutes but you will need additional time to work through the weekly modules, and take action. The more time you can put in the more benefit you will get. It’s an investment in your future so well worth creating the time.

However, I do know how busy everyone is so the modules I’ve created are bite sized with easy to follow exercises to work through so you don’t get overwhelmed!

What happens once I’ve booked my place on the programme?
Once you’ve enrolled you’ll receive details of how the programme will work, and how to get the most from it. You’ll also get a link to book your pre-programme 121 with me so we can get to know each other a bit better and you can set your goal for the programme.

I don’t live in the UK can I still take part?
Of course, the live calls take place at 7.30pm UK time so you would just need to make sure you can make them.

Does this programme really work?
The programme is based on tried and tested techniques, with tools rooted in career theory, neuroscience and positive psychology. The coaching and the support of the group bring motivation and accountability, so if you are prepared to work hard and take action then the programme can deliver the change you are looking for. As with anything, you get out of it what you put into it!

How much individual support will I get?
You will have the initial 1:1 with me to set your goals, plus access to me via the private group. You also get the bonus 1:1 with me. If you feel you would like to work with more on an individual basis to achieve your career success then we book a discovery call as this is also an option.

What if I change my mind, can I get a refund?
Unfortunately once the programme has started you can’t get a refund. However, if you change your mind within 24 hours of your initial booking then a full refund will be given.

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