Christmas career quiz

Want to get your career in shape for 2020? Take my festive quiz

How healthy is your career? Is it feeling a bit flabby and out of condition? Well now’s the time to get ready to knock it into shape and give it a bit of a work out!

Take my festive quiz to work out what to focus on in 2020.

The Office Christmas party is tomorrow – are you:

  1. Dreading it – it’s the same people every year and the same venue – yawn!
  2. Really excited – you can’t wait to have a laugh with all your work mates
  3. Going to go for the champagne and canapes but planning on sneaking off after an hour ‘cos you just don’t connect with people there anymore
  4. In a state – you’ve got nothing to wear!

This year’s Secret Santa pressies are all experiences rather than things – you’re really hoping it’s:

  1. An Assertiveness course so you get better at saying ‘no’ to work you shouldn’t have to do
  2. A Leadership course – you’re ready to develop further and understanding the theory would be good
  3. An opportunity to volunteer in the community with a homeless charity – you want to do something meaningful at least once
  4. A presentation course to boost your confidence when speaking in the team meeting

You’ve got a week off over Christmas what are your plans:

  1. Sleep for as much as possible you’re exhausted
  2. Work on my CV – January’s a great time to look for jobs
  3. Read ‘Thrive’ by Arianna Huffington to get some ideas
  4. Go sale shopping – you can get some great bargains on Boxing Day

When you pull your cracker at the work Christmas lunch you get:

  1. A pair of dice
  2. A keyring in the shape of a heart
  3. A miniature bird in a gilded cage
  4. A manicure set

Your partner asks you what you want for Christmas and you answer:

  1. A new boss – your current one is a nightmare
  2. A new job – it’s time for a change and a promotion
  3. A new career – you want to fulfill your dream at last
  4. A new work wardrobe – you hate your current look

Quiz Results

Now add up your scores and work out what 2019 means for your career.

Mostly 1’s

You can leave your career to chance and make changes only when something goes wrong or you can’t bear it any longer. Next year focus on identifying what you want from your career and then planning to get it – moving towards a goal is much more motivating than trying to escape from a situation.

Mostly 2’s

You have a very positive outlook to your career, love your job and are open to opportunities – you know where you’re heading. Next year focus on keeping your motivation and energy high to achieve the role you want, and work on building your networks.

Mostly 3’s

You’re a bit trapped in your current career – the perks are good but you want to do something that makes your heart sing and gives you purpose. Next year focus on working out what that is going to be – don’t waste anymore time in a job you don’t love. Set yourself a goal for when you’re going to change careers.

Mostly 4’s

You’re feeling a bit unconfident in your career at the moment, and this is impacting how successful you feel. Next year, focus on becoming more self assured at work. Collect examples of what you are doing well at work, ask to go on some confidence boosting courses and start to believe in yourself.

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