Ania G, University Project Manager

One of the key reasons I contacted Sarah was because I had a vague sense of unease about my current role but didn’t even know where to start. The sessions provided a great structure to start unpicking what wasn’t working but equally what was working. Sarah gave me the tools to take an active role in evaluating where I am and where I’d like to be and I found it most useful to focus on values.

The most powerful thing I took away was the career mood board, a creative exercise focusing on how I’d like my career to look like and I’ve already started implementing things which showed up on my mood board. Through coaching I was able to redefine my job as project manager and find spaces where I could use it to bring more meaning to my life, including outside of work, something that was previously missing. Most importantly I now have a roadmap for the next 5-10 years, something I really wanted but wasn’t able to figure out on my own and this is where the coaching was most valuable.