Sally B, Finance Director, Manufacturing

Sarah is an absolutely outstanding career coach, a fantastic listener, an incredibly positive approach and I always come away thinking that I have come to the right conclusion. She never fails to provide just the right level of career coaching. I first approached Sarah for interview guidance on a Director level role. Having not had an interview for 6 years, I wanted to make sure that I had the most up to date approach to the process. Sarah challenged me in a positive way and there is no doubt that this gave me the edge and lead me to secure the position. In the last 3 months Sarah helped me again secure an elevated Director level position. Sarah is completely in line with the expectations of potential employers whilst understanding the individual person’s needs and aspirations. She never fails to adapt to the brief required and has a natural flare for getting the best out of people. I have no hesitation in recommending Sarah if you want to exceed potential employer expectations and be the No.1 candidate!

Abby W. Membership Director

I can heartily recommend Sarah’s career advice. Sarah helped me work out where I wanted to go, what I didn’t want to do and develop a plan of action. She was sage, personable, knowledgeable and probed all the right areas. I ended up with a great CV which helped me secure 2 interviews out of 3 applications! She is also very nice and welcoming, which is important.

Seeing a career’s coach is an investment, but it is SO worthwhile. Sarah came recommended via LinkedIn and I can see why. If you need a bit of career help, use Sarah!

Helen S, HR Manager

I’ve known Sarah for more than five years. I engaged her as a contractor to give outplacement support and the feedback was excellent – it was clear from my colleagues she offered bespoke support for different circumstances and gave sound advice for career changes.

Last year Sarah coached me through a difficult career situation. She helped me adjust to my changed circumstances and gave me the right level of support. She provided advice on updating my LinkedIn profile, tailoring my CV and writing covering letters that would stand out. I hadn’t had job interviews for many years, and she coached me through preparing for the interviews. I had interviews for the two roles I’d applied for since being coached by her, and was offered the second job I was interviewed for. Sarah gave me some exercises to calm my nerves, shared interview techniques and took me through a mock interview. I had a big handful of examples of my work to answer pretty much any question that was thrown at me. I would highly recommend Sarah to anyone who is looking to make a change in their career, however daunting it may seem

Chia L, Programme Management Officer, Financial Services

Before I signed up for the Career Energiser Programme I was concerned about the time it would take up.  I didn’t want it to be one of those things I take up, but not really follow through on.

But the programme gave me perspective on the traditional career path I’ve been chasing and enabled me to identify my skills and which ones I value and enjoy exercising.  I have a better view of where I’d like to be in the future. I am now looking for a similar role because coaching has made me realise that I am in the right field, but what it has done is open up options that I’d previously been dismissive of.

Having the opportunity to reflect on my career has been really rewarding, throughout a demanding few years working in a tough environment I had lost sight of my achievements.  I found the vision board particularly telling about what I’m looking for and to talk through this with Sarah helped me understand that the particular environment I was working in wasn’t right for me. The Career Energiser provided a structured programme for me to reflect on my career, open my eyes to new options and offered a tangible set of next actions.

Ania G, University Project Manager

One of the key reasons I contacted Sarah was because I had a vague sense of unease about my current role but didn’t even know where to start. The sessions provided a great structure to start unpicking what wasn’t working but equally what was working. Sarah gave me the tools to take an active role in evaluating where I am and where I’d like to be and I found it most useful to focus on values.

The most powerful thing I took away was the career mood board, a creative exercise focusing on how I’d like my career to look like and I’ve already started implementing things which showed up on my mood board. Through coaching I was able to redefine my job as project manager and find spaces where I could use it to bring more meaning to my life, including outside of work, something that was previously missing. Most importantly I now have a roadmap for the next 5-10 years, something I really wanted but wasn’t able to figure out on my own and this is where the coaching was most valuable.

Vicky S, Director of Fundraising

Sarah’s coaching helped me with my confidence, decision-making and problem solving. It helped me to move forward with a clear strategy and ironed out any hiccups along the way. I highly recommend taking the opportunity to consult with Sarah in achieving your personal goals and aims”

Fiona P, School Manager

I was in need of a career change and the coaching sessions with Sarah really helped me to analyse my strengths and skills, and to identify new possibilities I would not otherwise have considered, in a fun and non-threatening way. Within weeks I was in a new and completely different job and I know that the sessions with Sarah were instrumental in me securing this new role. I whole heartedly recommend CareerTree’s coaching to anyone seeking guidance on the next step in their career.

Andrew H, Researcher

I had four sessions with Sarah at CareerTree and I found the process to be very useful. Sarah was able to stitch together the hopes and ideas I had for my career and create a coherent plan. She also provided me with a better way to present my skills – and helped me to see the ones I didn’t know I had. In a subsequent job interview I was able to draw on my sessions and I felt far more confident because I was in possession of a solid plan, a clear way forward and a healthy list of skills. Job in the bag!

Laura F

I did one of your courses last summer and without sounding too dramatic about it – it changed my life. In the last 6 months I’ve completely changed my career leaving a job after 11 years and now focusing on what I really love. Thank you for helping me to make myself fulfilled!

Jane, London

Sarah provided invaluable support and coaching when I was looking to change career direction and did not know where to start! She really understood what I was searching for in a job and helped me identify potential career options and draw up a structured plan of action. She also guided me through the ins and outs of producing an effective C.V. and covering letter.

I learnt so much over the sessions and feel much more confident and equipped to find work that matches my values and interests.

Sarah is knowledgeable, warm and professional and I have no hesitation in recommending her, I only wish I had invested sooner. The best phone call I made last year.