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5 Ways to Beat Blue Monday

According to experts, the 21st January is Blue Monday – the day of the year we feel the most depressed. It’s been calculated based on how in debt we are, how long since Christmas, how far from our next pay day plus the weather conditions, and it is raining today after all! However, some might say by naming it as the most depressing day of the year we are creating a self-fulfilling prophecy, and we end up actually creating the dread and feeling of being low that the third Monday of January brings.

My mission today is to beat Blue Monday so here are 5 ideas to help you make your day at work a good day rather than a depressing day:

  • Go and talk to someone at work – don’t send an email, get up and go and talk to someone instead. Human interaction makes us feel positive and can spark ideas, show empathy and simply connect. Plus if it’s a colleague you don’t know very well then even better as it gives you a chance to widen your network.
  • Do a Good deed – research shows that doing something positive for someone else can make you feel really good. This could be doing something nice for a colleague, simply making them a cup of tea or, if you want to up the feel-good ante do something for someone you don’t know. Maybe buy a sandwich for someone who is living on the streets, smile at someone on the tube or invite a new neighbour for coffee.
  • Take a lunch break – Today of all days you need to get out at lunchtime and have a walk. Being outside, even if it is raining, and being out in nature significantly increases our wellbeing.
  • Book your summer holiday – or at least start planning for it. Having something to look forward to will definitely help you get through the day.
  • Make a plan – if you feel like it’s Blue Monday at work every day, then take control and make a plan to find a new job or change career. Don’t let it wear you down – do something today!

Make sure you find something to make you feel positive today and help others to feel positive too. Just because today has a blue label doesn’t mean you have to conform!



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