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Why having a social resume can make all the difference to your job search

The 2 page CV has been the main tool to apply for jobs for many years. However, in today’s fast moving interconnected society, it would seem that the way our skills and experience is displayed needs to change. Hence the birth of the social resume.

Recruiters are becoming more creative in how they attract and retain candidates and are expecting more creative and interactive applications in return. Of course, this varies hugely by sector but this trend cannot be ignored.

What is it?

The social resume is essentially pulling together your online presence – it can be built as a bespoke web page or hosted via LinkedIn. These bare facts can be supplemented by a YouTube video, Twitter feed or Facebook page (although you need to watch your privacy settings).

With employers posting more jobs on LinkedIn and Twitter, it makes sense that they would look for candidates in these spheres too. In a recent US study 24% of employers viewed profiles before hiring and a third of them changed their minds because of what they saw. You can create your own basic social resume using LinkedIn, Tumblr or wordpress, or you can check out DIY sites such as ResumeSocial.com or VisualCV.com.

Be careful

A word of caution though, while this is a different way of displaying your professional skills and experience the same rules apply:

  •  you must keep the information relevant and up to date
  • you should pay attention to grammar and spelling
  • while it may be tempting to go overboard with graphics and interactivity, content should be tailored to your audience.

Is it for you?

It can be a great way of showing you can adapt to change, new technology, and communicate effectively plus showing strong online connections can indicate trustworthiness. At the end of the day do your research and work out if your industry sector still requires the traditional CV or something different. Even if you decide not to devote a whole website to your social resume, you can use the principles of a social resume and pull your online career presence together so it is consistent and sends the right message to your potential new employer.

For help constructing your social resume drop me a line at [email protected]

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