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How to find a new job over the Christmas holidays

If you know you want to find a new job in 2020 you might feel it’s crazy to start job hunting in the Christmas holidays – what employer is going to be recruiting over the festive season? Well, while it may seem counter intuitive it’s actually a perfect time to use the down time during Christmas and New Year to get job search ready. That way you can beat the rush of applications and be super prepared to get the job you want.

What can you do to find a new job?

Put the mince pies and chocolates away and follow these tips:

Unwrap your Job Search Action Plan

It’s worth spending time planning your strategy for finding your new job. Don’t be tempted to just use one avenue to find a new job. Consider the following: advertised jobs, agencies, networking, LinkedIn and on spec applications. Now be specific about each area to avoid overwhelm, and plan out what you are going to do. Think carefully about which are the best sites/agencies/companies for your profession.

Give your CV some sparkle

Get your CV out and add some sparkle to make it stand out when it lands on a recruiters desk. Add in all the things you’ve achieved  recently and make sure it’s really tailored to the job you want. For extra tips on creating impact  read How to write the perfect CV or How to write a personal statement.

Warm up your contacts

While the mulled wine is heating up consider how you can warm up your contacts to help you find a new job. With around 75% of jobs never being advertised your network could be key in finding that dream role. Be choosy and identify who is best placed to help and then work out what you want to say to them to give them clear direction on what you are looking for and how they can help. Make contact over the festive period and book in a meeting in the early New Year to chat through options.

Light up your interview confidence

You should be aiming for an interview in January so use the time now to fine tune your interview technique. Start collecting achievements now that show how you add value as this will give you a confidence boost. Identify your interview strengths and reinforce them in your mind, for example if you know you’re good at explaining what you do, keep reminding yourself of that. Don’t focus on the things you don’t do so well at interview as these will erode your confidence. Remind yourself that, anyway if you’re aware of them, they can be easily fixed.

Hope for Christmas Magic and apply…

There will be jobs advertised or still open over the holiday so if you spot one don’t hold back put the time in and apply. You’ll be in a lovely relaxed mood and mindset so your application should be a good one! Here’s some tips for online applications and writing a good cover letter.

Enjoy your Christmas break, spend time with your loved ones AND make some time to get ready for giving yourself the best present of all – a new job for 2020!

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