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Don’t ditch the New Year resolution to change your job just yet!

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Today is Ditch Your New Year Resolutions Day, which if you haven’t yet joined up for gym membership or started the diet, it could be worth considering. But if there is one New Year resolution to keep, it is the one to change you job. Life really is too short to be in a job you don’t enjoy and January is the perfect time to start your job search. Making a commitment to keep this particular resolution can give you a buzz and a feeling of being in control of your situation. This can also help to combat the ‘January blues’ people experience when returning to a job they don’t enjoy.

What can you do now to kick start your job hunt?

  • Look at your contacts – maybe you’ve renewed some or made some new ones at all those office Christmas events. Work out who would be useful to have a chat with about jobs in the industry – who’s recruiting, what they look for and how they make their appointments. Remember the ‘hidden’ job market (those jobs that aren’t advertised) accounts for a significant proportion of vacancies. It’s not too late to send some New Year good wishes with an invitation to meet for coffee.
  • Spend some time researching – this kind of preparation will help you work out exactly the type of organisation you want to work for – maybe size or culture is important or maybe you find the kind of work they do is exciting and interesting. Having a clear view will help you decide which applications to focus on rather than applying for everything you see. Similarly you can also research the roles you are attracted to – analyse the job description  and person specification and pay attention to the language and key words used to describe the role and required abilities – how does your CV measure against it – are you talking the same language?
  • Set yourself goals for this year – when do you want to be in a new job? what are the milestones along the way? Develop a job search plan to keep you motivated and do as much preparation as you can now so you are ready to start proactively finding a job you love.

So while the weather is still cold and you’ve got time in the evenings, turn off Netflix and focus on your career. Invest some time preparing so you have a solid plan to turn this New Year’s resolution into reality.

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