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5 Ways to overcome Job Interview Stress

Job interviews can be a daunting experience. Often, the build-up to the day can cause stress and anxious feelings for many. It’s understandable if you’re experiencing these nervous feelings. But it’s also important to not let interview stress overcome you or affect your performance.

Below, we provide some tips for how you can overcome job interview nerves.


The first step to help reduce your job nerves is to prepare thoroughly. This means researching common interview questions, finding out information about the company and reading up on current news affecting the industry. After all, the questions could cover any area of these topics and being prepared means you’ll worry less about being put on the spot.

Your preparation should also cover planning your interview clothes and transport to the location. Sometimes plans can go wrong, so putting a backup in place is always a good idea – this might be an alternative transport if there’s a train cancellation, or finding another carpark if there’s no spaces.

Practice relaxation

Someone telling you to relax when you’re stressed may be the last thing you want to hear. However, there are many practical techniques to help you stay calm. This will all depend on your individual preference, so it’s all about finding what works for you.

Some of the techniques you try could include meditating or yoga. Alternatively, others may prefer burning off steam with a run or gym workout. Try out different techniques and use them to help combat your nerves the night before and get some well-needed sleep.


Putting on a smile has surprising benefits and according to research, can actually help you feel happier. So even if you’re not excited about the interview, you just need to fake it!

This will also help you come across as more friendly and approachable to the interviewer and can have a positive effect on your performance.

Visualise success

It’s time to embrace your confidence. Close your eyes and imagine the interview going well, play through the scenario in your head and imagine everything running smoothing and ending with a job offer. Doing this can help you feel positive and empowered about the interview and therefore, you’re more likely to perform well in the real-life situation.

If the visualising approach sounds daunting or farfetched, a quick Google search can give you some expert advice or success stories to help you make the most of this technique.

Remain positive

Remember that the company invited you to the interview for a reason – they want to get to know you and think you have potential. So embrace an optimistic mind-set and focus on everything that makes you great.

Run over your CV and remind yourself of your skills, experience and qualifications that the interviewer will be interested in. Think about why you’re the perfect candidate for the role and what great qualities you can bring to the company.

If you can think positively, it will shine through in your responses and help you to feel more confident. The company will be looking for keen, enthusiastic and positive people and you will be giving off the right impression.

Interviews can be a nerve-wracking experience so it’s okay if you’re feeling the stress.  However, if you can follow the advice above it can help you get your interview stress under control. You need to find the technique that work best for you as everyone copes with pressure and nerves differently. Finally, remember that you’ve received an interview invitation for a reason and this should help you remain positive. Good luck!

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