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New Year, New You – what’s on your career wishlist for 2018!

Happy New Year!! What are your career hopes for 2018?

The pantomime season may have just finished but if the genie of the lamp still had a few spare wishes, what would be on your wish list for your career for 2018? The start of a new year is a fab time to focus on what you want for the next 12 months. Be bold, play it big and go for what you want – create a vision for your career and tick everything off your career wishlist.

A vision rather than a dream or fantasy is the key to clarity and focus. A dream or fantasy of your ideal job may stay just that because it’s not rooted in reality, but a vision is enabling and empowering because it is doable and can guide your plans.

How to create a career vision for 2018

Ok, it might seem a bit weird but we’re going to do some time travel to create your vision! Close your eyes and fast forward to the end of December 2018.

  • Now imagine you’re really pleased with the way 2018 has gone for your career. Everything you wanted to achieve happened for you in the way you wanted it to.
  • Then write a list of all the things that you felt you achieved when you imagined the year going really well, and notice what you did to make them happen. For example, if one of your achievements  was that you became more visible to the leadership team, the things that made it possible might be volunteering to present at the board meeting or asking for a senior mentor, or ….
  • Do this for each of the achievements you listed in 2018. Keep asking yourself ‘What else did I do?’ until you have completely exhausted your ideas.

Soon you will have a list of actions that helped you achieve your intention for 2018. Now returning your focus back to January 2018 you can translate those actions into a plan for 2018 and you will find you have so much more focus and clarity about what you need to do to achieve your vision. Your increased awareness will help you to spot opportunities during the year that will contribute to your vision.

Develop a Motivational Mindset

Consider the mindset you want to adopt for 2018 and choose a word or phrase that describes it. For example, it could be a way of being such as ‘Assured’ or ‘Focused’, or it could be a message to your self such as ‘Stay on the radar’ or ‘Say yes not no’.

Keep it present, check in regularly with your vision and make this the year you smash your career wishlist!

For extra help in creating your vision, get in touch to discover more about my super focused 1 hour planning and visioning coaching session.

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