The Career Success Package

You know you’re good at what you do but you just can’t seem to get to the next level in your career.

You know you want more

You know you’re worth more

But something’s getting in the way

Well, all that can change….

The answer is here…

What if….

  • You knew exactly what you needed to do and had a step by step plan to make it happen
  • You knew this is exactly where you were meant to be and finally got the recognition you deserve
  • You felt confident and powerful in any situation
  • You stopped wishing for your career dream to actually happen, because is actually has
  • Your career choice feels meaningful and enjoyable

It might not feel like it right now but all of this is possible….. and that is what my career success package can give you

How is this possible?

After all you’ve been trying to move forward in your career for months or possibly years. It can’t be that easy, can it? Maybe you’re thinking ….

·        How will I know this will work?

·        What if I try again and fail?

·        What if I’m just not meant to achieve my career dream?

·        Maybe I should just stay where I am and be grateful I have a job?

·        What will my colleagues think about my ambition?

·        I’m so overwhelmed at work how can I be a leader?

·        I’m scared about taking the next step

The reality is……

…..just because you haven’t broken through the glass ceiling yet, doesn’t mean you can’t.

And let’s face it going it alone, hoping for the best, accepting less than you want, waiting another year hasn’t worked out so far.

You want action, and you want transformation, and that’s why you’re here…


I’m Sarah Archer, I’m a Career Coach and founder of CareerTree coaching. I know that I can help you achieve what you want. I’ve been a senior manager, developed leadership programmes, recruited Directors and Chief Execs. And I’ve coached many women to be more successful in their careers, but on their terms, and their definition of success.

But I’ve also suffered from Imposter Syndrome and felt my confidence ebb and flow at different points in my career. I’ve felt lost and frustrated at times, and desperate to prove my worth and fulfil my potential. And I wish back then I’d had a coach and a support group to help me fast track my career success, challenge me to be my best and shape the success that was right for me.

Having left my corporate leadership career behind, I now successfully run my own business. And my passion is helping motivated professional women achieve career success through breaking down any blocks and barriers, and having a focused and tangible strategy to get what they want.

Welcome to The Career Success Package

I’ve helped hundreds of women achieve career success over the past few years. Women who now love their careers, and feel they’re achieving their potential.

CareerTree has been featured on Radio 5Live, in The Guardian, Psychologies magazine, You magazine, Huffington Post, Thrive Global and many others.

My coaching works because it offers a bespoke approach to what you need.

What people are saying about working with me….

“The programme gave me perspective on the traditional career path I’ve been chasing and enabled me to identify my skills and which ones I value and enjoy exercising.  I have a better view of where I’d like to be in the future. I am now looking for a similar role because coaching has made me realise that I am in the right field, but what it has done is open up options that I’d previously been dismissive of.” Chia, PMO

“Sarah’s coaching helped me with my confidence, decision-making and problem solving. It helped me to move forward with a clear strategy and ironed out any hiccups along the way. I highly recommend taking the opportunity to consult with Sarah in achieving your personal goals and aims” Vicky, Director of Fundraising

“I can heartily recommend Sarah’s career advice. Sarah helped me work out where I wanted to go, what I didn’t want to do and develop a plan of action. She was sage, personable, knowledgeable and probed all the right areas. Seeing a career’s coach is an investment, but it is SO worthwhile.” Abby, Marketing Director

“Sarah is an absolutely outstanding career coach, a fantastic listener, an incredibly positive approach and I always come away thinking that I have come to the right conclusion. She never fails to provide just the right level of career coaching. Sarah challenged me in a positive way and there is no doubt that this gave me the edge and lead me to secure my new position.”     Sally, Finance Director

Are you?

·        Tired of feeling like you’re plateauing in your career

·        Fed up with feeling like you’re just not quite there yet

·        Sick of feeling that you just haven’t fulfilled your potential

·        Tired of feeling underpaid for what you do

·        Ready to fast track your career and finally make the breakthrough you deserve

·        Willing to invest in yourself and your future

·        Open to making changes to your approach and your mindset

If the answer is YES, then you’re ready…

What we do

We get clear about what you want for your career and why – define your version of success so you can make the right decisions for you. Then I stretch, support and challenge you to achieve your key career priorities and get over the barriers and blocks holding you back.

We’ll work together for a minimum of 3 months and you’ll get 2 x 60 min coaching calls or meet ups per month plus weekly emails to keep you on track.

What you get:

Career Transformation

You’ll be challenged, inspired, encouraged to dig deeper until you get past the blocks and the fears to be the best you.

Effective tools and resources

You’ll get a workbook and personal accountability that will take your career planning to the next level.

Bi Monthly Coaching Sessions

Get what you need to take weekly action through 2 x 60 minute coaching with me each month.

Don’t wait book your call with me now!