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Your 5 minute Midsummer Career Review

It’s midsummer’s day today, and while it might be tempting to visit Stonehenge to celebrate the beautiful weather, you can use this milestone instead to trigger a review of your career in 2017. Are you achieving what you set out at the beginning of the year?

We often feel we don’t have time to stop and spend time thinking BUT it’s really important to build in review time to both celebrate what you have achieved and decide how you want to use the rest of the year to get closer to your goal.

How to carry out a 5 Minute Career Review

My 5 minute career review will give you chance to take a moment for reflection, ask yourself some searching questions and refocus your energy for the rest of the year.

Firstly find some quiet space where you won’t be disturbed, maybe think about being somewhere different such as your garden and grab a notebook and a pen, and then we’re ready.

Reconnect to the career goal you set yourself at the beginning of the year (if you didn’t get round to setting any career goals this year read my blog on Why you need a road map for your career and use this opportunity to identify your career goals) and answer the following questions – make a note of your answers:

  • What has gone well in my career in the last 6 months?
  • What could have gone better?
  • What have I learnt in that time both personally and professionally?
  • Who have I enjoyed working with and why?
  • What still needs to happen?

The last question is really important as it gives you chance to focus on the next 6 months and what you need to do to realise your career goal whether that is changing careers or jobs, getting promotion or working on some new projects.

How to get motivated

  •  Don’t get hung up on a SMART goal (they can make it a bit dull) instead phrase your goal in a way that is clear and motivating for you. Focusing towards something usually works best, for example ‘I want to be in a challenging more senior role in a larger company where I can learn x skills by the end of the year’. If you find yourself phrasing it in ‘away from’ style for example, ‘I don’t want to be at this year’s xmas party’ try and turn it into something more motivating such as ‘ I want to be in a vibrant and dynamic new company where I can look forward to going to the xmas party’.
  • Keep your goal alive. Find what works for you but consider whether an image, a word, screensaver can represent your goal and keep it active and in your line of sight. So often we set a goal and then it gathers dust in a drawer – you need to be able to tap into it’s motivating energy on a regular basis. Or use futureme.org to send yourself regular reminder emails to keep you on track.
  • Celebrate what you have done – yes, give yourself a pat on the back and a reward. Don’t focus on on what you haven’t done yet.
  • Develop a motivation mindset. Check in on your self belief – do you feel you can achieve your goal or do you have doubts creeping in? Identify any blocks and think about how you can overcome them. I like to write them down and develop a strategy for each one to stop it circulating in my head! If you need some help overcoming your doubts and your inner critic have a look at my book Developing your Inner Coach.
  • Finally find an accountability buddy. Staying on track can be the hardest thing if you feel there is no accountability so sharing this by reporting in and updating on progress can be really useful at making you get on with it. I run a monthly Accountability and Motivation programme for clients and they have found it incredibly helpful. If this is something you feel would make all the difference do get in touch.

Don’t just drift in your career, take control and use today as your motivation to stop, reflect and plan.

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2 thoughts on “Your 5 minute Midsummer Career Review

  1. As always you have so many brilliant tips in your blog Sarah. I couldn’t agree more with the idea of doing a mid-year career check. It’s something that often doesn’t occur to us because we’re normally more geared up around setting goals at the start of the year. Your accountability and motivation program sounds very interesting. Maybe a topic for another blog post?

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