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Are you looking for a sign to make a career decision?

When you’re struggling with an important career or life decision, you can wish for something or someone to give you a sign that tells you what you’re going to do is the right thing. Maybe it’s seeing a neon sign in a cafe that spells the word ‘change’, or maybe it’s hearing Oasis’ ‘Don’t look back in anger’ on the radio that reinforces your decision to quit and have no regrets. Now, this isn’t about handing over your autonomy and decision making to some higher power or going a bit ‘woo woo’, it’s about tapping into your intuition in a powerful way.

Intuition or your gut instinct is an innate tool but you have to use it effectively, and it often works best in conjunction with fact and detail. You know it as that compelling feeling that you have about whether something is right or not. You can’t explain it because your unconscious mind is guiding it. It can be triggered by messages or signs that resonate strongly. Critics may argue that you can give anything meaning if you want to, but sometimes we can let data rule our decision making and ignore our ‘self’ – our feeling about what is right.

Your conscious reasoning has its place. It allows you to approach a decision rationally and logically and is really helpful at avoiding making rash decisions when you’ve had another disastrous day at work. But it can also talk you out of trying something new by presenting all the pitfalls.  However, both approaches used together are valuable.

Looking for a sign and being able to interpret it can be useful in moving you forward in your career decision making especially when you feel stuck. Try the following approach and see if it works for you:

  • Choose a sign, be specific and choose something you wouldn’t normally see or experience. It can be visual or it could be a song or a number.
  • Give yourself a time frame within which you want to see the sign.
  • Be conscious, pay attention and open up all your senses to the possibility of seeing your sign.
  • When you get a sign or signs, do a check in with your conscious reasoning and see what happens.

I’d love to know about your experience of tuning into your intuition, and whether using signs works for you or if you would like some 1-2-1 coaching around your career decision making get in touch. Be happy always - Are you looking for a sign to make a career decision?

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