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Amid all the Christmas festivities don’t forget to celebrate your career successes for 2016. Use this simple technique to do a quick review


Don’t wait until January to review your year – get ahead of the game and start celebrating what has gone well in December. Then  you can start getting clear about your focus for next year.  It’s particularly important in our busy and hectic lives where it is easy to let one year slip into the next without looking at what we enjoyed, what went well and what we could have done without!

If you can also identify the part you played in making the good things happen it can be incredibly valuable, as well as acknowledging your strengths and skills. Both will boost you resilience and career well being – look at it as an early Christmas present to yourself!

Completing this activity can mean you can avoid plateauing or getting stuck in your career. It enables you to focus on the positives whilst looking out for things you don’t want to repeat.

And it’s a really simple process to do too. I like to do it in mind map form, using colour, but there are no rules so you can be linear and use a list, or create your own method of displaying the info.

  • Start with a blank piece of paper and if you are mind mapping write “My career 2016” in the centre and draw a circle around it.
  • Next, around this circle map out all the things about 2016 you think deserve to be celebrated – this could include new skills you’ve learnt, opportunities that you said ‘yes’ to, achievements, things you’re proud of, new projects  you took on, achieving a better work life balance, people you enjoyed working/connecting with and so on.
  • When you’ve  filled the paper with as many things as you can, take a moment to reflect. Firstly really congratulate yourself and celebrate for making all these wonderful things happen, and then jot down what it was YOU did to enable them. Maybe you were courageous, maybe you said ‘yes’ and pushed yourself out of your comfort zone or maybe it was something else.

Next, thinking about 2017 identify 5 things you would like more of for your career this year, and also 5 things you would like less of in 2017. Use these intentions to help you focus your choices and decisions around your career in the year ahead.

Want to go deeper and carry out a more in depth review and plan then grab my free Career Review and Planning Tool

Oh, and don’t forget to give yourself a treat for all the great things that happened in your career in 2016!

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