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Unhappy at work? Don’t quit Detox your career instead

We know we can detox our bodies, our eating habits and even our friendships but how about our careers?

Let’s face it we have a lot of bad habits that have shaped our careers so far and that can sometimes make us unhappy. The pressure to do more, take on more, earn more, and that’s where a career detox can come in.

Try CareerTree’s 7 day Career Detox action plan to spring your way to a happier work life:

Day 1: Be Focused – We all know the quality of our work and our decision making can be improved if we can just focus on one thing for at least 20 mins. The constant arrival of emails, texts and tweets can make us feel like we have the attention span of a goldfish.

  • Switch off your emails and phone for a couple of hours and give something your full attention.

Day 2: Be Courageous –  It can be the easy option to keep your head down and just get on with the day to day job requirements. However, don’t forget the energy and enjoyment generated through being involved in something outside the norm and your comfort zone. Not only can this give you a buzz it can also enhance your skills and generate new experiences.

  • Put your hand up and volunteer for a new project or to take responsibility to improve a system or process

Day 3: Be Friendly – The opportunity to work with like minded colleagues or to be challenged and stimulated by other people’s ideas and approaches is one of the great things about work. We often get stuck in our teams or ‘tribes’ and miss the chance to develop new relationships.

  • Make an effort to get to know a colleague in a different team

Day 4: Be mindful – The pressure of work and deadlines can mean working through lunch, working late and not taking time to enjoy the small things in the day. These can bring a sense of peace and calm, and reconnect us with why we are here. Taking breaks makes us more productive and allows us to connect with colleagues, enjoy ourselves and probably still make the deadline.

  • Go for a walk at lunchtime and notice your surroundings – the beauty of the architecture or nature

Day 5: Be brave – Recognition and appreciation can motivate us to ‘go the extra mile’ and to feel there is meaning in what we do. Constructive criticism and learning from our mistakes can help us to grow and develop and become even better at what we do. Sometimes we wait for someone to offer up some insights into how we are doing but we can take control and ask.

  • Ask for feedback from a colleague or client and look for someone you can give some positive feedback to.

Day 6: Be Spontaneous – Children are spontaneous and creative but as adults we lose a lot of that playfulness and immediacy. Sticking with what we know feels safer and more secure, but is also boring! Spontaneity can offer us new opportunities and generate energy so whether its speaking to someone you’ve never spoken to before, booking yourself on a course or doing something crazy – don’t overthink it just do it.

  • Do something you’ve never done before

Day 7: Be reflective – Reflection is a great skill to develop – take some time out to think about your detox and the habits you have broken, how that affected you and what you want to continue to do. Your work life can become richer and more enjoyable if you make the time for a regular detox.

  • How did you feel after taking these actions? What difference did it make to your working days?

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If you still feel like you want to quit and would like some support with your next move or with how to change your career then please do get in touch here for a free confidential chat.

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