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Hate your job but can’t leave? Look for ways to create some love

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How do you feel about what you do for a living? do you love it ? maybe the feelings are not so positive, maybe you hate what you do…

Confucius said ‘Find a job you love and you’ll never work a day in your life‘ but for many people that feels like the holy grail. They think you have to be lucky to find it and that, in reality you have to make do with whatever profession/career that you end up with, and which sometimes you end up hating. If you can’t leave a job you hate, for whatever reason is trapping you there – money, status, circumstances, then you must find ways to love it more. If you don’t it will make you unhappy, erode your confidence, affect your well being and your life outside work.

Try these tips to help you feel more in love with work:

  • Let Love play it’s part – work out what you do love about what you do (there must be something!) and try and do more of it. For example, if you really enjoy the client facing part of your role, and you have a colleague who really enjoys the financial and spreadsheet part of the role why not swap so you do more of the client work and she does more of the financial elements?
  • Look for a theme – outside work what do you love doing? See how you can incorporate it into work or lead you to consider work in that area. For example, if you are someone who loves researching topics and maybe you’re a bit of a secret ‘geek’ on certain subjects then see how you can take on a project involving in depth research, or talk to your boss about how you can use this skill more at work.
  • Ask for some feedback about what other people (at work and at home) love about you and if their comments chime then consider whether you are using this to the full currently. For example, if they love your flair and creativity check whether your  job challenges you creatively. Consider what you could do to allow your creative side to flourish more.
  • Love yourself too – start developing a plan to change your job . Taking control,even if you feel you are stuck and can’t leave, will help you manage some of the emotions of frustration and despondency. Really explore how and if you can leave – staying in something you hate is riskier than trying something new.

So this St Valentine’s Day enjoy the flowers and chocolates but also make a little time to find some love for you and your career.

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