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Hate Mondays? How to increase your work happiness

If you hate Mondays you’re not alone. With 36% of employees in the UK hating their job, loving Mondays is a hard ask. But it doesn’t have to be like that, your work happiness is important. Retrain your brain to start building more positive experiences and soon you’ll be actually looking forward to Mondays!

8 Ways to Increase your Work Happiness

1.       Add some sparkle

Your work environment is really important so give yours a zing! Clear away the clutter on your desk and add some touches like photos, pictures or inspirational quotes to make it feel like home. Then put some flowers or a plant on your desk and it will already begin to feel more welcoming.

2.       Change something

You need to get out of your ‘I hate work’ rut so mix things up a bit and be different. You could change a pattern or routine to your work that you’ve got stuck in. Or you could change your work image – how you dress impacts how you feel so find an outfit that makes you feel really good and reflect your confident self through your clothes.

3.       Be more social

Human beings are social animals and having good working relationships is vital to helping us feel good. If you are finding you are stuck at your desk for long periods, get up and seek someone out for a coffee or lunch (it’s good to move around physically too). Make an effort to connect with someone new each week or go to a work social event. You could even start your own Monday lunch club or after work drink that you can look forward to.

4.       Create an opportunity

It’s important that you feel a sense of growth and development through your work. If this is missing look for ways you can learn something new and go for it. Don’t just look for training courses also consider informal learning opportunities too such as taking a different role in a project, asking a colleague to teach you something or simply reading to increase your knowledge.

5.       Nurture yourself

Your health and wellbeing are key to feeling good. Make sure you build in breaks through your working day including lunch. Go out and get fresh air. Do some chair yoga to stretch your back. And outside work make sure you have time for your interests and social life.

Choose to do something nice on Mondays – treat yourself to a  nice lunch or plan to do a piece of work you like on Monday morning.

6.       Help someone else

We can increase our own work happiness if we focus on helping someone else. Look for someone at work who is struggling or new. Consider becoming a mentor to a more junior staff member, or think how you could help your boss. Plus consider your customer or end user and reflect on how you can improve their experience.

7.       Stop moaning

If you hate Mondays you probably complain about your job to anyone who will listen. Negative emotion is contagious so you can often find yourself in a mire of negativity with others agreeing and joining in with you. This also creates a neural pathway in your brain that becomes more reinforced every time you use it – moaning then becomes a habit. Experiment with not complaining and saying something positive or neutral instead. It will make a difference to how you feel about your work.

8.       Be grateful

Positive psychology research shows that focusing on 3 good things each day for a week can increase your wellbeing for up to 6 months so imagine what it can do if it becomes a regular practice. Start a gratitude journal, keep notes on your phone or keep a jar that you add gratitude notes to. Look for 3 things each day that you are grateful for – it’s a fantastic way to retrain your brain.

So don’t let Mondays be a drag anymore, choose to turn them into a positive instead. Try at least one of the ideas in my list to boost your work happiness on a permanent basis or get in touch for some help. Be happy always - Hate Mondays? How to increase your work happiness

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