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How to boost your career resilience this winter

Are you taking care to boost your career resilience this winter? At this time of year you are probably taking steps to look after yourself – taking vitamin pills, making sure you get enough sleep and dressing warmly. No one wants to catch horrible colds and flu, particularly over the Christmas holidays.

Being resilient, having the ability to bounce back, and adapting and changing are all essential for career happiness and feeling good about what we do. It may seem resilience is something you either have or not but there are ways you can increase yours. Here’s a few quick ideas to help you build and protect your career resilience:

  • Know your strengths – being confident in what you do well helps to boost your ability to bounce back when things get tough. Take a strengths audit, ask friends or colleagues for feedback, reread old appraisals or just reflect on what you do well.
  • Keep the faith – self belief is really important for resilience. Regularly tell yourself how great you are, collect evidence of your achievements through a journal, and believe you are capable of good things. As Oscar Wilde said ‘ Be yourself, everyone else is already taken.’
  • Learn from your mistakes – everyone makes them! If something doesn’t go as well as you hoped at work then take a bit of time out to think about what you might do differently next time so you don’t find yourself repeating the mistake.
  • Remember previous tough times – not to dwell on them but knowing you can get through whatever your job throws at you and come out the other side is extremely useful. If you have survived before you know you can survive again – this can make an unpredictable job market seem less scary.
  • Be good to yourself – make time to give yourself a physical and mental boost – plan and take time off, take a lunch break, eat healthily, exercise and have some fun!

So with the festive season almost upon us make time to boost your career resilience in preparation for whatever 2019 brings career wise!


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