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How a Christmas movie can help your career

‘It’s a Wonderful Life ‘ is such a gorgeous festive film. It’s also a reflection of what we can be when we’re at our best, and a reminder that our deeds impact those around us in ways we can see and ways we can’t always comprehend. Perhaps the forthcoming Christmas holiday is an opportunity, not only to enjoy time with our loved ones and the odd mince pie, but time also to rethink our career priorities.

What would a wonderful life look like to you, and how does work or your career feature within it? When reviewing how your current reality measures up remember to look for the positives to get a balanced view as we all have the capacity, just like George, to focus on the negatives.

Ask yourself these questions to identify the changes you need to make in the New Year to bring you closer to your vision.

  • Can your current job be more wonderful with a few tweaks?
  •  Can you take on more interesting projects?
  • Can you ask your boss for more responsibility?
  • Can you collaborate with like minded or more creative colleagues?
  • How can you develop new skills or access new experiences?
  • Will your company sponsor you to increase your qualifications/ training?
  • How can you increase your visibility in the organisation?

 But if your current job is never going to make you happy or you’re not in work then it could be time to start thinking about career change……

  • Use your vision of your wonderful life as a starting point
  • Start to gather evidence about your skills, values, interests
  • Think about role models – who do you admire?
  • What makes your heart ‘sing’ when you contemplate doing it everyday?

 Don’t rush it can take a while to work it all out – it’s key to dedicate the proper amount of time. The most important thing is to feel you’re making conscious choices about your next steps – while we may not have a guardian angel called Clarence to guide us we can draw on our resilience and inner strength to not settle for less than a most wonderful life!

Have a very happy Christmas and New Year!

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