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Are you fulfilling your potential?

If you are achieving your potential or pushing yourself to your full capacity then you will be feeling energised, alive and challenged. You will probably be using your signature strengths and developing new ones, and your well being or ‘happiness’ will be high.

When we experience a sense of well being  and contentment it can increase our receptiveness to trying new things  and being open to new experiences. One of my favourite quotes is from Thomas Edison –

If we did all the things  we are capable of doing then we would truly astound ourselves

Probably the majority of the population is under performing and not realising their true potential. This is more than true if you’re not happy in your current role or are trying to change career. If you feel you’re not fulfilling your potential it can be frustrating and demoralising.

Where to start?

Your signature strengths are a good place to start exploring how you can develop your potential. Signature strengths are character strengths that are essential to who you are.

If you are interested in finding out what your signature strengths are, as a starting point to expanding your potential, then try the VIA strengths questionnaire at www.authentichappiness.org . Research has shown that by simply following and using our strengths we can gain insight and perspective into our lives, generate optimism, confidence and even an enhanced sense of vitality (Clifton and Anderson 2001).

When you have identified your strengths reflect a little on how you use them on a day to day basis, and challenge yourself to use them in a different way too.

Check back next week for a another idea to help you develop your career potential or get in touch for a FREE clarity call.

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