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Best Podcasts to Boost your Career

How do you motivate yourself in your career? Whether you’re looking for development, progression or change it’s important to be inspired.  Yes, there are books you can read or seminars you can attend but there is a way that can fit easily into your daily commute, your fitness schedule or while you’re doing the ironing, and that is the career podcast!

Plus you can be spoilt for choice – there are so many good ones out there! I’ve rounded up a few that I really like and that cover different aspects of career but if these don’t hit the mark for you there are plenty more to choose from!

Best for Increasing your productivity

If work life balance or overwhelm is your biggest challenge then get more productive with Mike’s effective tips and techniques. He discusses tips, tools, tactics, and tricks that are designed to help you take your productivity, time management, goals, to do lists, habits, and workflow to new heights – both at work and at home. He can help you change your habits or improve your time management.

Best episode to start with: Episode 151 Abundant productivity with Damion Lupo

Best for Practical Career Tips

This podcast focuses on specific actions you can take to increase your career success, whether that is how to be a team player or how to manage your manager. It is practical and useful and covers many work related topics.

Best episode to start with: Career Decisions and Personality ‘Tests’

  • Confident Conversations hosted by Sherry Bevan
  • This is a weekly show for ambitious women who want to confidently balance work and life without burning out. She covers career strategy to interview technique.Best episode to start with: CC053 Interview Skills : How to wow the interviewer
  • The Tim Ferris Show hosted by Tim Ferris

Each week Tim interviews a host of different people and extracts the tactics, tools and routines you can use to increase your success. This can include time management, morning routines and much more. He is known as the ‘Oprah of Audio’.

Best episode to start with: The 4 hour work week

A mix of expert interviews, presentations and training sessions on topics covering personal growth and career success.

Best episode to start with: Episode 47: How to Find a Job That You Won’t Hate

Expert interviews on a range of career topics from interview skills to career confidence.

Best episode to start with: Episode 113 Career Confidence

Best for career change

Learn how to embrace fear, insecurity, imperfection and intuition as the superpowers they are while navigating the pivot process.  Jenny is the author of Pivot: The Only Move That Matters Is Your Next One.

Best episode to start with: What’s more important to you than perfection?

Best for Inspiration

Top creative women leaders share their personal and professional journeys through deep and meaningful stories.

Best episode to start with: “What’s your purpose?” with Ruby Warrington.

Let me know what your favourite career podcast is …..

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