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New Year, Same Career or will this year be different?

So 2017 is here and you find yourself making the same old resolution about changing jobs, finding a new career, and yet you know you made the same resolution last year, and nothing has changed. Well, firstly you’re not alone, statistics show that only 8% of the population making resolutions actually keep them.

But maybe this year it’s time to explore why your job is not fulfilling you and whether there are things you can do to make it more satisfying.

Studies have shown that if work is meaningful it contributes to job satisfaction and happiness, so forget about the extrinsic rewards – company car, more money, a bigger job title – we know they don’t bring long term work happiness. Let’s think about whether what you are doing every day feels meaningful.

What is meaningfulness? It is quite a subjective concept but it can be broken down into:

  • A sense of purpose – how does your work contribute to the greater good? Is it useful to others or to society? How does your company or senior management communicate the impact of its work on society? Do your values align with the organisational values?
  • A sense of choice – Is your work autonomous? Can you choose how you do it/how you use your skills and judgement?
  • A sense of competence – Are you valued for your contribution? Do you feel good at what you do and are you recognised for it?
  • A sense of progress – Are there opportunities to develop your skills, improve yourself and work on new challenges?

Answering these questions may give you clues to what is missing currently in your job that you could change in order to move closer to meaningfulness, or if you realise that your current role may never give you what you need then at least you are making that New Year resolution consciously, and have a checklist of what you need from your next career.

Want some help understanding what is meaningful for you, get in touch – I’d love to help.

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