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Love tennis? Can Wimbledon help your career success?

Wimbledon is here again, a place where hopes are built and also dashed. Will Murray be Wimbledon champion for the third time or will Federer win again? How many times do we experience the same situation – so close to that job offer or promotion but just pipped at the post by someone with a bit more experience or a bit more career confidence?

What can get in the way of career success?

Andy has often been criticised for letting vital energy slip away by not centring himself, showing his disappointment by hitting his forehead and hanging his head when things don’t go his way. Allowing that emotional energy to seep away impacts on confidence and self-belief.

We are all guilty of berating ourselves mentally when things don’t go according to plan at work or in our job search – speaking to ourselves in a way we wouldn’t allow other people to and letting our inner critic have free rein.

So how can you keep yourself centred when focusing on achieving your dream? How do you maintain your self belief and achieve career success?

5 Steps to grow your career confidence and boost career success:

  • Step 1: Value yourself, your skills, your abilities, your passions. Collect evidence of things you have done well and notice what you did that enabled it to be successful.
  • Step 2: Choose your thoughts carefully –  “ You are what you think about all day long” (Wayne Dwyer). Confident people have negative thoughts too but choose not to listen to them or give those thoughts power. This will take time to perfect but is worth investing in. Learning how to manage your thoughts and focus your energy on the positive ones. For more detail on managing your thoughts read my e-book on ‘Developing your Inner Coach’ (available at
  • Step 3: Study career confident people  – research how they have achieved what they have – observe how they behave, way they talk, notice their characteristics – what can you learn from them?
  • Step 4: Choose your influences – Be aware of who influences you both positively and negatively – family, friends, news, TV, politicians, religious leaders, etc. Begin to cut down and filter out negative and pessimistic views about work and career choices. Try and make sure you read/listen to something uplifting each day for at least 30 mins. Being positive can have an impact on your future career success.
  • Step 5: Beware comparisons – no one else has the perfect job/life – choose a great role model instead – people whose qualities and characteristics inspire you to learn and grow and achieve similar career success.

Career confidence is like playing tennis – it needs to be practiced regularly  in order to be successful, and sometimes it too can benefit from having a coach. To have an initial discussion to discover how coaching can boost your career success or to book a session click here.

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