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Discover how confident you are at work – take the test

Are you a confident person at work? Do you thrive when you’re out of your comfort zone? Maybe, maybe not? Many people want to increase their career confidence so they can manage  anxiety better, be more comfortable with change,  worry less and enjoy challenges rather than avoiding them.

I was on a call last night with a client where we focused on taming her inner critic. She dreaded client calls because she had persuaded herself that she must be able to answer any questions they asked her. Her energy was being drained by having to hold all of that fear in her body. We identified where that belief came from and worked on some powerful strategies for her to experiment with.  She was so energised by realising she didn’t have to listen to the voice in her head, that she could actually begin to manage it instead. She realised that by developing this new way of being her professional confidence is going to grow.

Why do you want to increase your career confidence ?

It may be driven by wanting to achieve more at work or in your career, but it can also be about just feeling more comfortable in your own skin. In a recent survey I undertook on career confidence 50% of respondents felt their confidence at work was low, with another 33% feeling confident in some areas but also anxious about other areas of their job.

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When I asked the people in my survey what they would do if they woke up tomorrow feeling super confident they said they would:

  • feel happier at work
  • go for a more senior role
  • stop holding themself back

What would you do?

Because often it’s all in our heads – we certainly have the talent, skills and knowledge to do the things we want to at work. We just talk ourselves out of it, imagine the worst, let our inner critic and limiting self beliefs get in the way. So, go on, imagine how it would feel to be confident at work ….

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