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5 times where it’s ok to quit your job without another one lined up

Have you ever fantasised about just quitting your job? It can be very tempting but leaving a job without another one to go to is one of the hardest things to do. People will say you’re mad to leave a good job, but a good job isn’t always the right job. Sometimes resigning can be the only way to move forward. So when is it ok to leave without a job offer?

You’re so stressed you can’t think straight

The pressure of your job and your workload can be so big that you may feel you don’t have the time or the headspace to make a choice about what next. In fact you may feel you can’t even work out whether it’s your job making you unhappy or the stress that you’re carrying around. Staying means you risk burnout or might never leave because you just don’t have the energy to look for something else, let alone apply for it.

Leaving will give you time to take a break to recharge, maybe book a retreat to get some reflection time and work out what you really want from your career.

You seriously hate your job and/or your boss

When work makes you really unhappy it can affect both your confidence and self-belief, especially if your boss is unsupportive or you don’t get on. Make sure you’ve tried everything to make your current career work – build relationships, develop new skills and giving 100%. But if you know deep down you’re in the wrong job then feeling negative about your career can spill out into any job applications you’re making, decreasing your chance of success.

Leaving means you can channel all that energy and resourcefulness into finding something new. Before you go secure strong referees in your current company, start letting recruiters know you’re on the market, update your LinkedIn profile and get networking.

You’ve got a financial reserve and an idea

A good salary can become a golden cage and worrying about money is often what stops people from leaving a job they’re not happy in. But if you can save between 3-6 month of funds to cover your basic needs then you’ll have freedom to make your career change a reality, retrain, upskill or start your own business.

Set yourself a deadline for being in your next role, keep contacts and networks warm and design a job search plan. Having a  financial backup means all your focus can go into your new direction rather than worrying about how to cover your bills for the next month.

Your job makes you ill

Your health is too important to risk, and if you feel that your current company isn’t willing to change anything then you may have no option but to leave before it becomes worse.

If you feel too ill to go in to the office then see your GP and take some sick leave.  It’ s important to keep your morale high so reflect on what you did well and identify what support you need from your next role. Then update your CV and plan out your job search.

You’ve got a side hustle that’s ready to grow

You’ve been working 5-9 to develop your passion project, but now feel that your 9-5 job is getting in the way of your side hustle’s growth. Make sure you’ve got a robust business plan to check you’re being realistic about income and growth. Consider whether a portfolio career might suit you initially. You can mix freelance or consultancy with your business, and take some of the financial pressure off, while giving you flexibility to get your project truly off the ground.

If you really feel that you can’t carry on in your current career, then don’t hang around hoping things are going to get better, because they probably won’t. Make sure you have a plan for what you’re going to do once you’ve resigned so you’re clear about how to secure a new role or make your career change a reality, and how to support yourself financially and emotionally once you’ve left.

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