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5 reasons to change careers

I bet you’ve been wondering for a while whether there is more to life than this. Knowing that what you do for a living at the moment just isn’t right. It doesn’t make you happy or give you a buzz, and let’s not even mention how you feel about it on a Monday morning!

But the thought of changing careers, of finding something that does excite you, brings you joy, makes your heart sing is kind of scary. Giving up on what you’ve built over the last few years, the perceived success, the value other people place on your profession for something unknown, well that would be mad, wouldn’t it?

Well no, it wouldn’t. Lots of people change careers, and according to the Financial Times, we should be planning for 5 possible careers in our lifetime. It can be done, so don’t feel guilty for wanting more, and enjoy exploring what could be.

Besides if you recognise one of the following scenarios then you definitely need to start taking action:

You fell into your current career

Early in your career, you may have taken a job because it seemed a good idea at the time, someone suggested it to you, it seemed prestigious or paid well. You may be actually very good at it. The thing is you didn’t choose it and you can’t see yourself doing it for the next 10 years.

In this situation, you may feel like you are trapped in a golden cage, where you are successful, well paid and don’t actively hate what you do, you just know it’s not right for you. Start daydreaming and imagining what your life might be like if you were doing something you were passionate about. Don’t push yourself for an answer just start to notice what you’re excited by and interested in. Read 5 ways to change career when you have no idea what you want to do.

 You’re really unhappy at work

You dread going into work, you feel stressed, overwhelmed, maybe even close to burnout. You don’t enjoy what you do, and you’ve been contemplating change for a while.

It’s hard to make changes effectively when your frame of mind is less than positive so it’s important to work out what the best options are for you when in this situation. Do you stay and become clearer about your change or do you leave now and focus your energy on finding something new. For help with this dilemma, read my blog on Deciding whether to stay or go.

Your profession is changing

You can see that your profession or industry has a lack of opportunities, maybe due to advances in technology or the economy. While you could stay and see what happens, being proactive and taking control now means you can plan your change at your pace rather than having it forced on you by redundancy.

Do some research, consider your transferable skills, and look at where people in your profession have moved to (LinkedIn is great for finding this out). Think about what training or qualifications you might need to move and how you can upskill while still in your existing role. Do some due diligence on the new industry you’re interested in to make sure it has longevity. Read my blog on being at a Career Crossroads for more tips on how to research a new career path.

Something has made you rethink where you’re going

Life events and milestones can make you rethink what you want from life. Maybe becoming a parent, losing a parent, experiencing illness or simply turning 30,40 or 50 can make you reconsider if your career path is still the right one.

Take your time and think through what you enjoy about your work and what you don’t, and how they balance out. It could mean a change in career or a change in the way you approach your existing career.

Your core values aren’t aligned with your current career

Your core values guide the way you live your life, and if your current career or industry don’t support or align with your values then this can result in internal conflict. Your values may include wanting to make a difference, being creative, developing expertise, having influence or autonomy and being independent. You will feel fulfilled if you are able to express your values and develop them in your job.

Be clear about your own core values and review whether they are being met in your current job, whether there is an opportunity to express them more, and if not then start researching what kind of work would allow you to express your top 3 values.

Changing careers will require commitment and motivation, and may take time to effect but the result will be rewarding. Imagine having a career that excites you, that you enjoy and that fits with your lifestyle and your core values. Now that is worth working hard to achieve!

For more support on changing careers, get in touch for a FREE clarity call or join my Career Change challenge.

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