Vicky S, Director of Fundraising

Sarah’s coaching helped me with my confidence, decision-making and problem solving. It helped me to move forward with a clear strategy and ironed out any hiccups along the way. I highly recommend taking the opportunity to consult with Sarah in achieving your personal goals and aims”

Fiona P, School Manager

I was in need of a career change and the coaching sessions with Sarah really helped me to analyse my strengths and skills, and to identify new possibilities I would not otherwise have considered, in a fun and non-threatening way. Within weeks I was in a new and completely different job and I know that the sessions with Sarah were instrumental in me securing this new role. I whole heartedly recommend CareerTree’s coaching to anyone seeking guidance on the next step in their career.

Andrew H, Researcher

I had four sessions with Sarah at CareerTree and I found the process to be very useful. Sarah was able to stitch together the hopes and ideas I had for my career and create a coherent plan. She also provided me with a better way to present my skills – and helped me to see the ones I didn’t know I had. In a subsequent job interview I was able to draw on my sessions and I felt far more confident because I was in possession of a solid plan, a clear way forward and a healthy list of skills. Job in the bag!

Laura F

I did one of your courses last summer and without sounding too dramatic about it – it changed my life. In the last 6 months I’ve completely changed my career leaving a job after 11 years and now focusing on what I really love. Thank you for helping me to make myself fulfilled!

Jane, London

Sarah provided invaluable support and coaching when I was looking to change career direction and did not know where to start! She really understood what I was searching for in a job and helped me identify potential career options and draw up a structured plan of action. She also guided me through the ins and outs of producing an effective C.V. and covering letter.

I learnt so much over the sessions and feel much more confident and equipped to find work that matches my values and interests.

Sarah is knowledgeable, warm and professional and I have no hesitation in recommending her, I only wish I had invested sooner. The best phone call I made last year.

Erika R

I just wanted to drop you a line and thank you for your career advice. I now have my ‘dream’ job, although at the time I met you I didn’t even know what that was. I think your advice to keep thinking about my skills and interests (and to not apply to jobs I don’t really want) was a big help.

Kate C, Events Manager to Copy Editor

The programme gave me direction and immediately made me start to feel more confident. After our first session I went away feeling much more confident and inspired, and although I still have, albeit to a lesser degree now obviously, the fears of not succeeding, I did come away feeling that it was giving me the confidence and the positivity that I needed to believe in myself.

Lucy C, Business Manager to Counsellor

The programme made me feel more focussed on where I wanted to go and gave me confidence in my ability to achieve what I wanted to. It also gave me confidence in my current role, and made me value myself and my strengths which made me realise if I wanted to make this career change it has to be now.

Kiran G, Sponsorship Officer

Sarah helped me to reflect on my values and identify what skills I am good at and enjoy. It was a really helpful starting point for me to reflect on my career and start focussing on the future. I was able to specify what areas I wanted to go over and Sarah supported me in a challenging way – helping me to find the answers. I enjoyed the holistic approach which I think is vital. Thank you, Career Tree!