Is this Course right for you?

  • Do you feel your lack of confidence at work holds you back?
  • Would you like to say yes to opportunities rather than hiding from them?
  • Would you like to let go of self-limiting beliefs and fulfil your potential?
  • Have you had a work experience which has left you bruised and knocked your confidence?
  • Does the thought of change scare you?
  • Have you been out of the workplace for a while?

About this Course

I am creating this online programme with Udemy to enable you to work at your own pace through exercises and inspirational video sessions to address whatever is holding you back.

You will develop new ways of thinking about yourself that will boost your confidence and give you the courage to make the career changes you want to, whether that is asking for a pay rise, changing jobs, applying for promotion or changing career completely.

The techniques are based on academic research undertaken in 2015 and which has been published in Coaching:An International Journal of Theory, Research and Practice.

What you can expect

  • To feel positive about what you bring to your career
  • To identify and deal with any paralysing blocks to your success
  • To manage the fears that hold you back
  • To increase your career confidence, optimism and positivity for the future
  • To increase your resilience at work and develop techniques to get yourself through challenging times
  • To complete an action plan to keep boosting your confidence

If you prefer to have one to one coaching to boost your confidence then contact me for an initial discussion or to arrange a session.