At CareerTree we believe that you have a unique set of skills, talents and passions that can bring your work to life. Helping you to find and embrace your unique combination, and define your own vision of career success, is what CareerTree is all about.

We understand that careers, like trees, don't always grow in straight lines. So whether you're dreaming of a career change, returning to work, facing redundancy or striving for promotion, we can inspire and empower you to devise a plan as individual as you are.

Through affordable one-to-one coaching or group workshops, we will help you to develop the career confidence to grow your career in the way that's right for you. You will gain insight, clarity, ideas, inspiration and motivation, as well as expert advice on CV presentation, interview skills, work life balance, job search techniques and more.

Love what you do.

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Top Tips to get your request for Flexible Working agreed

Latest statistics from the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development suggest 54% of employees nationally are undertaking some sort of flexible working, and 69% of those working flexibly are satisfied or very satisfied with their roles. London is lagging slightly behind with only 52% of employees working flexibly so there is scope to improve this particularly given Londoners have the longest commute in the country averaging 47 minutes. Flexible working is open to anyone, not just parents and those caring for dependants.

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Create your own work life balance checklist

Work life balance can seem an impossible ideal to achieve with technology making work accessible 24/7 and the fear of redundancy snapping at everyone's heels. The stress of never being able to switch off combined with working long hours, we know, is damaging to health, relationships and overall happiness.


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What saps your energy at work? Take our test to find out

Who is responsible for your energy? Silly question of course, you know it's you, but what are you doing to protect yourself and your energy from the daily drains and life overload. Being the guardian of your positive energy is one of the best things you can do for yourself. Learning to monitor how you're feeling and what pace you are working at is a key part of self-care.